Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Local elections 2013 are UKIP set for a rise in support? - see our recommended academic resources

Tomorrow is Local elections day in many parts of England.
Here are our recommended websites for further academic research.

The UK Electoral Commission  has information about where local elections are taking place and the official procedures.

The House of Commons Library also has a good briefing note which details this.

Political Parties
Read some statement and manifestos on the policies of key parties contesting the elections.

Labour Party- see their campaign video
Look at labourList for social media discussion from supporters

Conservative Party Local election campaigns
Conservative home blogs has debate and news from supporters
The Spectator blogs (also has discussion from a relatively conservative perspective)

Libdem news
see Lib dem blogs  and Liberal Democrat Voice for any discussion

UKIP - see their manifestoes

For other manifestoes se the citizen journalist site Election leaflets   where vast collections of election ephemera dating back several years can be viewed online.

New services

BBC Coverage
Includes all the election broadcasts
FT blogs
Guardian - the politics live blog is also covering events.
Huffington Post

Academic commentators and think tanks covering local Government

The Local Government Information Unit (think tank) will be blogging and tweeting about the elections.
The Local Government Association will be producing an interactive table of the results.
Plymouth University has a specialist local elections centre. see maps of results from past elections. The UK Parliament library also has statistical papers with all results.

LSE blogs from the London School of Economics
De Montford University Local Governance Unit has examples of papers and blogs covering local government.

Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV) University of Birmingham see papers and research news.

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