Monday, 13 May 2013

Pakistan elections - check out our recommended research starting points

This wek voters in Pakistan went to the polls.
here are some recommended sites for beginning academic research

The Pakistan Election Commission has official press releases, lists of candiates and results on its website. Also accessible are election notices, regulations and rules
it also worked with the government of Pakistan on creating the about to provide the electorate with information on where and how to vote. Also associated with this was the Jaag Pakistan website which aimed to encourage reporting of electoral fraud and violence. it uses crowd sourced technology. View the online map for reported instances.

News Services
The BBC has a summary of key events and players as well as current news stories.
The Guardian has a good introductory guide as well as the latest news stories.
Dawn - has a special feature with party profiles and detailed analysis.
Pakistan elections com has news and results.It also has an interactive map of results
Bashaoor Pakistan also has updated news from Pakistan
PTV has a large election 2013 website with results and analysis from Pakistan TV. You can also download an election app. and get access to past election statistics.
Newsweek pakistan coverage

Monitoring reports
here are some resources for discussion on the conduct of the elections and state of democracy innthe region.
A recent poll by the Pew Center found that muslims are sceptical about the state of democracy

European Union observation reports. from the reports of the Observer mission.
NDI has a preliminary statement from observers.
Global voices online has discussion from bloggers.
Pakvotes has been using social media to help voters. it provides free access to a number of monitorign reports from human rights agencies.
Another site using social media to assess conduct is pakvoter which has both twitter and facebook accounts.

The Free and fair elections network is also a good source of reports on political violence, corruption and the state of democracy
and there was a gender election monitoring misison deployed from Gender Concerns International

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