Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Equatorial-Guinea elections - what are the human rights issues?

Equatorial-Guinea is due to hold elections on 26th May 2013. See the IFES guide for basic facts on the forthcoming and recent elections.
Get the government perspective on their official website. This includes a section on election news.
they also have a blog which has some coverage of events.

However commentators have raised issues about the state of human rights and civil liberties in the region- try these links to get the facts.

Reporters Without Frontiers has accounts of opposition social media and websites being blocked
All Africa.com also has a good selection of recent news stories which focus on this and other related human rights issues.
Amnesty International has expressed concerns about the treatment of opposition politicians. See also their annual report for a more general discussion of wider conditions.
Human Rights Watch also has coverage in its annual report plus more recent statements.
Freedom House has an annual ranking of freedom in the world. See its latest entry
Genocude Watch reports on Equatorial Guinea.
US Department of State 2012 country report on human rights practices.

finally an excellent resource is EG Justice Justice for Guinea. It has a section on its website called election concerns.

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