Thursday, 20 June 2013

Iranian elections - see our recommended research resources

In the news this week the Iranian presidential elections.
For some good starting points try these recommended research resources.

IFES has basic information on the electoral system and past elections.
They also have a selection of reports on the electoral system and state of democracy in iran which they have published in recent years.

Official news from the Iranian government can be found on the Islamic republic news service which has an English language version.

For news coverage try.
BBC which as a good FAQ  
Washington Post
New York Times

also interesting wikipedia has links to election debates and transcripts.Note that as these are ioffered in Arabic only we have not been able to verify content so evaluate before use.

for news services and blogs from Iran try

Iran election watch Independent journalsits operating in and outside Iran
Iran's view
Al-Monitor Iran pulse

Global voices online - blogs including some from Iran

Commentary from think tanks on the elections. The following have briefings and useful background reports.
Wilson Center election update and news.
Council on Foreign relations

Brookings Institution. Chatham House RUSI
For more information on the winner see
His official website rouhani website

al Jazeera collected news.

Finally an excellent site for background information on previous Iran elections is the Iran Electoral Archive from the The Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna an Italian public university
This covers all aspects of the electoral process from 1967 onwards providing free access to documents, legislation and more in English and Persian.It also includes some 2013 resources.

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