Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Albanian elections- what are the main issues?

This week Albanians went to the polls

Albania Election Update
was a  service of the Government of Albania with  Albania’s Central Election Commission (CEC) . It has official press releases and news The CEC website also has laws and full text reports.

The BBC reported allegations of vote rigging

Osce monitored the elections and produced an initial assessment.

GDEM has also produced some pre-election assessments.

NDI website has a series of election watches which analyse events
Albanian elections observatory briefings more can be found on the website of the Hellenic Foundation

The Monkey cage blog has reports and analysis from researchers

Tirana Centre for Excellence in Journalism created a special area on its website to encourage independent high quality reporting. It includes news updates

News coverage
from Balkan insight

Transitions Online (some items for subscribers only)

Tirana Times

For background information on the state of democracy in the region see:

Freedom House has reports of the state of democracy in the region

IREX has produced a media sustainability index of  Albania which measures the quality of journalism, legal freedoms of the press

The state of Albanian Democracy at the eve of 2013 General elections- Instituti i Studimeve Ndërkombëtare

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