Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Malaysia elections - were they fair?

At the beginning of May elections took place in Malaysia.
Al- Jazeera raised the question could they be fair?
Here are our recommended research links.

Official Election Commission Of Malaysia Website (Malay) has results and information about the electoral system
It includes links to a special election dashboard. and an official  election 2013 portal

the main political party sites with their manifestoes are;
Barisan Nasional (English)

Pakatan Rakyat
  News coverage
Good English language sources which contauin anlysis, reults and commentary on candidates are
The Star Online.
ABC News from Australia has a gallery of images and commentary. Guardian UK Al-Jazeera Channel news Asia has a special section Malaysia decides with twitter, video and text coverage.   New Mandala has some coverage . It was established in June 2006 by Dr Andrew Walker and Dr Nicholas Farrelly.  Hosted by the Australian National University (ANU) College of Asia and the Pacific, it provides anecdote, analysis and new perspectives on mainland Southeast Asia     civil/ human rights organisations commenting on the elections include: Asian Network for Free elections (ANFREL) MAFREL Malaysians for Free Elections - see their Facebook comments. KOMAS - Malaysian human rights organisation Bersih 2.0 see also Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch for general background

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