Tuesday, 25 March 2014

France local elections gains for far right- recommended research resources

As the far Right Front National make gains in French local elections here are some recommended resources on the far right in France at the recent election results.

The main FN party website has news interviews and manifestos from the party. But for more detailed local election news they created a special municipales website 
Marine Le Pen has a twitter account where she sent messages of congratulation.

Newspaper and news service coverage.
Look at the following for news, analysis and polls
Le Monde
Le Figaro has a detailed website with a map of results . It also has information on parties, candidates and many online videos.
Le Parisien
Nouvel Observateur.

Academic discussion
Sciences Po televised forum on the municipales.
Cevipol analysis
The International Migration Institute has a paper on the impact of immigration on extreme right voting in France
MeLextra  This blog, the third journalism translation project by students of the MéLexTra JET master’s degree in English-French translation at Lille 3 University it translating stories about the rise of the far right from the French media.
Chatham House think tank has some analysis and discussion of far right politics in Europe,
The Conversation has academic discussion on whether youth in Europe are swinging to the right.

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