Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Afghanistan elections April 2014: will they be fair?

Presidential  elections are due to take place in Afghanistan on April 5th

Good starting points for background to the elections are
IFES guide
Guardian has a basic guide and news coverage of events
Aljazeera recently published an article on myths about the elections.
The BBC website has a guide to why the election matters in 60 seconds as well as general news
Tolo news - has news from within Afghanistan.
Independent  Election Commission of Afghanistan has information on the electoral system, previous elections

Election observers.
use these sites to get analysis of the state of democracy and conduct of the elections.
EU observers
United Nations Assistance mission.

Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN) is an independent non-profit policy research includes useful postings and analysis of eventsDemocracy International has polls of voters and analysis of knowledge
IKNOW - covers women in the elections.
CRS congressional research services briefing Afghanistan: Politics, Elections, and Government Performance November 22, 2013
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission has reports on women in democracy
United States Institute of Peace briefing.
Council on Foreign relations.
Brookings Institution.
Rand - analysis of security

Human Rights.
Controversy surrounding polls issued has been highlighted by Reuters.
Human Rights Watch has reported concerns
Amnesty International has published a document which sets out what should be done.
International Media support has documented pressures on the media.


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