Thursday, 29 May 2014

Egyptian presidential elections get the facts

Here are some recommended links for researchers to keep up to date.

IFES has background facts on the presidential elections and the electoral system.
the Ace project also has background electoral information.

the Egyptian government state information service has official news.
There is also a special Presidential Elections Committee which has details of the procedures and candidates.

EU observers have been monitoring the conduct of the election. Their website provides free access to press releases and reports.

Newspaper coverage.
Al-Alhram has a background guide to the election plus English language news stories.
Al-Monitor reports.
Al Jazeera
New York Times
BBC world service twitter

Other good analysis from think tanks and human rights organisations include:
Council for Foreign relations blog.
Pew Research Centre analysis of attitudes amongst Egyptians.
Amnesty International
Atlantic Council blogs.
Carnegie Endowment.

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