Thursday, 8 May 2014

South Africa Elections: see our recommended resources.

The 2014 South African general election was held on 7 May 2014 . Here are some sites which will help you find academic resources and discussion.

The IFES election guide is a good basic introduction to the electoral system. Plus summaries of earlier results.

More detailed electoral regulations, lists of candidates and breakdowns of results can be obtained from the official South African Election Commission website.

Google has created a special election hub. Which has links to the latest news stories, youtube video channels, links to political manifesto and parties.

African Studies Centre at Leiden has an excellent website with special dossiers, manifestos and more.

Election Observers.

These organisations have been monitoring the conduct of the elections. Try their websites in forthcoming days for press releases and reports.
African Union

Newspaper Coverage.

Mail and the Guardian special report.
All Africa.Com has free headlines and many full stories from the continent.

Business daily news.
BBC World Service

Economist Blogs.
Africa report from Jeune Afrique has some news coverage.

Public Opinion

IPSOS South Africa has some recent polls of voters

Earlier public surveys on government and the state of democracy in South Africa can be downloaded from the Afrobarometer website.These cover the period 2000-2011.

The Reconciliation Barometer is a national public poll from the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation.It tracks reconciliation in a number of areas such as human security. social relations and politics. Full text reports can be downloaded from the website.

South African Election studies has coverage of earlier elections You can download code books and find articles on voters attitudes from 1999 onwards.

Background on human rights.

Amnesty International reports on South Africa

Africa Media Barometer has assessments on the state of the Media in South Africa.
Human Rights watch South Africa
Transparency International reports on Corruption ion South Africa
Freedom House has reports on civil liberties it also includes up to date election comment.

Academic and think tank analysis of 2014.

Useful starting points

The Conversation has discussion and comment from academics.
Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa has a series of election updates discussing events.
LSE Africa blog has discussion of African political issues. Although no specific coverage of the elections yet.
ISS Institute for Security Studies South Africa has recent reports and assessments of the media and political violence
Africa Watch from IDA has some background analysis of political conditions in Southern Africa,

Finally see LSE Library Africa Guide for links to websites and subscription databases

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