Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Scottish independence vote: what do the polls say?

The poll is due on the 18th September - but how have recent TV debates effected attitudes?

BBC polls tracker is monitoring attitudes and predicts 51% against. consult the explanation of its methodology.

YouGov has conducted a number of polls throughout the campaign they track the no vote falling.

Uk Polling report has been tracking all polls since 2012 so gives a longer term picture. It includes both YouGov, Ipso Mori and ICM. Note it does not seem to include som eof the more recent polls listed on the pollsters websites.

What Scotland Thinks is a great site maintained by ScotCen Social Research. It includes papers and reports from the Scottish Social Attitudes Survey. It also includes recent poll results
Some interesting discussion papers from the Scottish Social attitudes research include Has the Referendum Campaign Made a Difference? by John Curtice
Minding the gap – women’s views of independence in 2014 by Rachel Ormston
Who is still wavering? Turnout and the undecided by Jan Eichhorn and Linday Paterson

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