Monday, 1 September 2014

Scottish Independence referendum: what do women think?

What do women think? Here are some useful academic research resources.
The Guardian newspaper has recently highlighted the issue of women's votes in the forthcoming Scottish referendum. Read the article and interesting comments.
Here are some other resources focusing specifically on gender.

2014 has some recent public policy research from voters.
The BBC has a documentary from April 2014 which is still available on iplayer and discusses the gender gap in voting.

A major yes campaign site is Women for independence this has some leaflets targetted specifically at women.

Commonweal has a recent paper by Dr Angela O'Hagan which contains proposals on how to achieve equality in a free Scotland. Women of an Independent Mind: The Future of Women's Equality in Scotland (2014)

From a different perspective the Better Together campaign has some pages for women voters.However some of its campaign videos have been termed patronising. See this discussion from the Huffington Post.which refers to #PatronisingBTLady

 Further discussion of this can be found on the Future of the UK and Scotland website

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