Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Tunisia elections recommended sources

Elections took place in Tunisia at the end of October. These followed the adoption of a new constitution in  January 2014. Here are our recommended list of resources for finding out more.

The official Tunisian electoral body has results and background information in French about the electoral system and conduct of the elections.

IFES has background on the recent electoral reforms and administration of the elections.

Election monitoring reports are available from The EU
the Carter Center 
African Union
International Republican Institute has reports and pre election dispatches
 and civil society monitoring organisation  mourakiboun
Also accessible (although in arabic) is I watch which is monitoring conduct
From twitter citizen coverage of the elections #TnElec2014
Global Voices Online provides summary of initiatives to engage citizens online.
European Parliamentary research has links to summaries of legislation, candidate websites and analysis form other think tanks and research bodies.

New agency coverage
National Public television interactive map of results.
All africa.com news summaries from African news agencies.
Tunisia Live.
Economist blogs.
Washington Post.
UK Foreign Office blog
Open democracy blog..

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