Wednesday, 5 November 2014

US mid term elections recommended news resources and analysis

Here are some links to key news resources for following the recent elections.

Ballotpedia is an online encyclopedia about American politics and election sponsored by Lucy Burns is a good starting point for finding out about the elections.

News services


Washington Post live politics blog has updates on the results. 
Washington Post Election lab forecasting. examines how well a number of pollsters and newspapers predicted the results.
The Cook Political Report.  has been analysing trends throughout the campaigns.


The Brookings Institution FixGov blog has a series of postings on understanding and anlysing the mid-terms.They have 10 recommended twitter feeds to follow for news.
 The Conversation has analysis from academic commentators UK and USA
European Parliament think tank issued a briefing prior to the elections on what was at stake for Europe
Chatham House - comment from a UK perspective.
Harvard University has some earlier surveys of political attitudes and engagement especially of young people covering the mid terms and beyond.
Boston University Journalism new service has discussion and updates.

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