Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ireland - same-sex marriage referendum 2015 academic research resources

Ireland will hold a referendum on 22 May on a proposed amendment to the Constitution of Ireland which would permit same sex marriage. Use these links to trace useful academic resources for research.
Referendum Commission has the official text of the question and spells out the changes to the constitution.

News sites.
BBC introduction and news stories.
Irish Times Ipso poll  May 2015 scroll down for questions on same-sex marriage. this discusses the voting intention by age, gender and class as well as considering the issue of children's right which has been a key issue in the campaigns. Main news coverage.
RTE news and coverage. 
News Statesman

Pro - campaigns and statements.
Irish Times editorial
Amnesty International
Law Society of Ireland
Fine Gael political party support

Marriage Equality - a grass roots NGO. website is supporters of the Yes Equality campaign.
and the Selfies for Yes social media campaign through the launch of a Yes Equality App.
Belong to Yes- nationwide coalition of leading youth and children’s organisations campaigning for a YES vote

Social media pro campaigns
Yes equality
Mrs Brown for yes equality Youtube
Yes Equality facebook.
Mashable has photographs of pro murals

Anti- Campaign
Keep Marriage supported by Mothers and Fathers Matter.
Iona Institute
Meaning of Marriage Irish Catholic  Bishops conference 

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