Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Polish presidential elections 2015

Polish presidential elections have been going on this week.
Euronews has a quick guide on everything you need to know!

On the LSE EUROPP blog Aleks Szczerbiak predicted a close result.The Polish Politics blog has further in-depth analysis from him of the issues at stake.
European Election Monitor has some analysis from the Robert Schumann Centre which examines the importance of the election and its political background.

Electoral system and previous elections.
National Election Commission Poland - results in Polish only.
ACE Project also has background papers and results in English. this includes sumaries of electoral laws and recent articles.

News summaries.
Political news in English from
Radio Poland
New York Times.
School of Slavonic and East European studies links to Polish language websites.

OSCE observation reports assess the state of democracy and conduct of the elections.
European Platform for Democratic elections.

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