Monday, 27 June 2016

EU referendum reactions

David Cameron's speech on the outcome of the referendum
Chancellor statement 27th June 
Bank of England Statement 24th June 
Financial conduct Authority - 24th June

Out and down: Mapping the impact of Brexit EIU report 

House of Commons Library papers on aspects of the vote.
Brexit how did the UK vote? (blog posting)
Brexit: what happens next?
Tax after the EU referendum
Reading list on UK-EU relations 2013-16: reform, renegotiation, withdrawal
Pensions after the EU referendum
Financial services after the referendum

Political responses.
Mayor of London 
Jeremy Corbyn Labour - statement on Twitter. 
Tim Farron - Liberal Democrats
Green Party
SNP Nicola Sturgeon reaction
Plaid Cymru
Sinn Fein  second 
statement on Ireland referendum 
Ulster Unionists 
Donald Trump 
London Councils
European Commission 
European Parliament reaction.look on the right for press releases from individual groups.

Institute of Directors. 
Federation of Small Businesses 
London Stock Exchange 
Rolls Royce 

British Bankers Association
Church of England
Russell Group of Universities
British Association of Social Workers. 
CIPD - HR organisation
Five big issues for the NHS - Kings Fund 

Ratings agencies

trade unions.
Working people must not pay the price for the vote to Leave: a national action plan to
protect the economy, jobs and workers’ rights
General Medical Council

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