Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Switzerland rejects basic income referendum- Use these resources to find out more!

This week Swiss voters rejected the introduction of a universal basic income in a referendum.
Use these resources to find out more!
The Guardian has reported that a number of other European nations are ready to undertake similar schemes

For official information on the referendum see documents from the Swiss government website. 
and the results.
Swiss Info (Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) also has official results.

Organising support for the minimum wage in Switzerland include: Grundeinkommen
An English language Basic Income site  also has many materials relating to the campaign in favour.
These include audiovisual and leaflets.
Other backers included RBI 
The Government did not support the measure and reports were issued which showed a possible negative impact.

The Basic Income Network site has Europe wide news and materials relating to the theme.  It also includes reports and analysis of why the Swiss vote failed.

For discussion of why many commentators consider a minimum income as necessary look at this World Bank data on purchasing power of consumers in different nations worldwide.

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