Tuesday, 8 November 2016

American Presidential elections - access historical data with our links

Official vote counts for federal elections since 1920 from the official sources compiled by the Office of the Clerk.

National Archives: Historical Election Results
The Office of the Federal Register at the National Archives coordinates the functions of the Electoral College on behalf of the Archivist of the United States, the States, and the Congress. This site contains the electoral votes and popular votes from 1789 to the present.

American Presidency Project
This online archive from the University of California at Santa Barbara includes many sources on the American presidency-- The tab on "Elections" includes voting data as well as speeches and lots more!

David Leips Atlas of presidential elections has predictions and maps on open access from all 50 states. From early 20th century. the raw data in excel is for purchase only.

ANES: American National Election Studies

Stanford University and the University of Michigan, producing data on voting, public opinion, and political participation. some are available for public download there is also a trends page from 1948-2012

Subscription Services.

If you have access to ICPSR. These are available to you! LSE Log in

Electoral Data for Counties in the United States: Presidential and Congressional Races, 1840-1972

County-level returns for elections to the United States presidency and to the United States House of Representatives for the years 1840 to 1972.

 State-Level Presidential Election Data for the United States, 1824-1972

American Voting Behavior: Presidential Elections from 1952-1980

United States Presidential Election Campaign Media Analysis, 1996 

Rope Center has opinion polls .LSE login

Social Explorer. (LSE Login) has election data maps.See this explanation of what is available

they include presidential elections from 1912 to today, gubernatorial elections (including off-year elections) from 1990 to today, and congressional elections from 2000 to today

see also the recent New York Times feature on election maps.


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