Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Donald Trump presidential election - transition resources

After the victory of trump in the presidential elections here are some useful resources on presidential transition which are free online.

Also useful the Newsmuseum front page archives which is creating a web archive of worldwide newspaper front page images for election day

The President Elect has created an official website Make America Great Again where his team are releasing news announcements and plans.
These include details of the transition process.

US Government Accountability Office resources
it includes policy recommendations

Presidential Transition Guide to Federal Human Resources
Management Matters from the Ofifce of Personnel Management

White House update on digital resources transition.

Presidential Transition Directory
Sponsored by GSA it is intended for employees but also has a good overview of the process-this outlines the major 2016 transition activities and governance structure in order to provide a quick guide of timescales and responsibilities. There are detailed sections on records management during the transition.

GSA’s Presidential Transition Platform
GSA plays a big role in assisting each transitioning administration.Its website has  laws and regulations alos  the Plum Book, a compilation of the federal civil service position that may be subject to noncompetitive appointment.

The White House Transition Project is a nonpartisan endeavor by presidency scholars providing information on presidential transitions and White House operations to incoming White House staff and administration appointees it includes essays and reports

Senior Executives Association Presidential Transition Resources
aims to  provide advice and support to career executives it includes a  Handbook of Presidential Transition for Federal Career Executives,

National Academy of Public Administration (NAPA) Transition 2016 Initiative

ACT-IAC Presidential transition - advises on use of technology

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