Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Hong Kong Chief executive elections 2017 - find out more!

The 2017 Hong Kong Chief Executive election was held on 26 March 2017 for the 5th term of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong (CE), the highest office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).It is  is currently elected by a 1,200-member Election Committee. 

The Official Election Commission website . has details on English

This includes the results  and 

 The 2017 official website also has an English version  

Official campaign website

 Background information.
newspaper coverage from the South China Morning Post

Economist guide

Analysis of the election conduct and results.
Good starting points are

The Public Sentiment Index (PSI) compiled by POP aims at quantifying Hong Kong people’s sentiments, in order to explain and predict the likelihood of collective behaviour. PSI comprises 2 components: one being Government Appraisal (GA) Score and the other being Society Appraisal (SA) Score. Chief Executives popularity rating

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