Monday, 3 April 2017

Serbian elections 2017. What happened? were they fair?

Presidential elections were held in Serbia on 2 April 2017. What happened? Were they fair? Get some starting points with our academic links.

IFES Election Guide has basic information on the electoral system/ and turnout rates from recent elections since 2000

The Republic of Serbia Election Commission has an official website in English with background information on the process, electoral law as well as recent news. It includes a section on the 2017 elections.

For recent news good sources are:
EUROPP blog from the LSE. The most recent entry on the Serbian elections includes a survey of diaspora voters.

2017 election assessments
The following organisations have sent missions to observe the election. their websites have notes and assessments

Democracy Human rights assessments of Serbia
Freedom House Freedom in the World Report
Freedom of the Press Serbia- Freedom House


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