Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Algeria elections - are they fair?

Elections are due to be held in Algeria on May 4th - but despite recent reforms will they be fair?

the Ministry of the Interior in Algeria is organising the elections and has official information (most in French) on the procedures.

Background information on the electoral system can be found on the IPU website with details on the 2012 elections 
information on citizen perspectives on the state of democracy in the region can be found in the Arab Barometer files. These give insight into what Algerians thought of democracy in the early 21st century.

IFES has a guide to the revised procedures in the elections.
European Forum for Democracy and solidarity country file. includes background to earlier elections and some news

civil / democratic and human rights reports on Algeria.

Carnegie Endowment has a primer on the 2017 elections

Middle East Monitor has said they have been removed from the elections.
UNDP has background on raising female democratic participation in the region.
The Project on Middle East Democracy has stated that opposition parties are demanding an independent electoral authority.

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