Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Iranian elections 2017- get some free academic facts

Presidential elections will take place in Iran this week
these guides have good basic guidance on the political system and what is at stake.

Guardian has a everything you need to know guide.
Al-Jazeera has a basic explainer.
IFES has good basic information.
it also has older materials on previous elections from 2011 onwards.

Research think tanks with analysis on Iran
They also include some recent comentary on political events.


Amnesty International annual report - Iran

Iranian news round up- from AEI critical threat project includes translations of materials published in Iran

 Iranian election polls and results.

Iranian pulse from Al- Monitor has news and analysis of debates and polls
Carnegie Endowment is tracking the election on its blog
Iran Poll.com
is providing some free access to English language polls via Iranian Election Barometer blog.
Iranian Students Polling Agency has some Arabic and English resources.
Iranian political participation project - 2013 elections research and data. by Social Change and Conflict (PARIS/SCC) -a leading research group in political participation- situated in the sociology department at VU University Amsterdam.

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