Monday 8 October 2012

Chavez wins election - our recommended resources

This week V Chavez won the venezuela presidential elections.
here are some recommended sites.
the official election commission has some detailed results and background information on the rules governing the election.
the main candidates websites has new, statements and comment.
He alos has media materials on the alopresidente website
He is also renowned for having a large following on his twitter account.
His rival capriles also has over 1 million followers.and an official website.

other media sources from the region which have news coverage and comment in Spanish include:
Agencia Venezolana de Noticias

other useful websites relating to the conduct of the electiosn include:
Reporters Without Borders ewhich places Venezuela 117th out of 179 in their 2011/2012 media freedom index.
IPYS research institute which discusses in Spanish the state of media and other civil rights in the region.
the carter center has some preliminary analysis of the conduct of the elections.

Venezuelaanalysis news site has a good selection of blogs both pro and anti government.

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