Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Presidential elections 2012 : news services

Here is a list of links to major news services covering the elections.

News services.

ABC news includes the matchomatic game
CBC News
Fox news
CNN Election Center. There is also a CNN election explorer which is tracking campaign finance, ads and money. CNN political ticker for coverage of the latest polls.CNN facebook analysis of the election on Facebook
NPR radio
New York Times in addition to news, films, also has interactive guides and analysis. Iphone app, electoral maps of swing states. and the 2012 money race comparison of the candidates.
PBS election news
Real Clear politics news site
Wall Street Journal coverage.
Washington Post includes an election map of predictions campaign finance maps..and a fact check feature.
The week news and opinion
The Nation coverage.
Huffington Post
C-Span video library. Includes debates, commercials and online news

there is a good guides and background section at the foot of the page which explains key issues for non americans!
Guardian . This includes a data page of facts and figures.
Economist - has interactive guides
Telegraph analysis.

Overseas media

Jerusalem Post
Deutsche Welt
Le Monde coverage
La Stampe italy
El Pais - Spain
Watching America site collects news from around the world. it lonks to major national newspapers.

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