Monday, 29 October 2012

Ukraine elections - recommended resources

Ukrainian parliamentary election 2012 took place on 28 October 2012
Here are some starting points for finding out more.

The Central Elections commission official website
isnt in English but has lists of candidates and results.The Central statistical Institute has a map of the results by polling district.
Electua has results.
The European Centre for a Modern Ukraine has created a very good English language sute which has news, legislation and results
For information on recent opinion polls and voting trends
see the Razumkov website where there are upto date graphs and analysis in English.
The Ratings Group has analysis of trends in party support from 2005-2012. there is also a section of news releases relating to 2012 elections.
R&B group has exit polls on its website.
KIS exit polls
Democratic Intiatives Foundation has some polls and analysis in English relating to 2012.

Election assessments.
Commonwealth of the Independent States - Election Monitoring Organization has reports and press releases on the conduct of the elections.
IFES website has pre poll assessments and papers.
OSCE Preliminary assessments

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