Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Guinea election will technology enhance democracy?

Elections have been taking place in Guinea
According to news posted on All.Africa.com sms texting will increase democracy by enabling closer voters to receive messages and report abuses
CENI the official electoral body has a website where you can find out more. This includes news and background information on the electoral system
All africa.com also offers free news headlines from Guinea on events

A number of monitoring organisations have websites which are observing the conduct of the elections, including the work of CENI
EU observation mission
The Carter Center which has a blog from reporters in the field
EISA - a body from South Africa
NDI has worked in the region in the past and its website has historic reports on democratization initiatives.

Another good starting point fro news espacially up to the minute use of technology) is the twitter feed from the African Elections project. This is co-ordinated by
The International Institute for ICT Journalism. The main website has useful news stories and background information in French

There is also some discussion from bloggers on Global Voices onlineincluding this useful posting on the role and usage of twitter.

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