Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Slovakia elections - who won?

According to unofficial results released by the Slovak Statistical Bureau yesterday, Saturday’s parliamentary elections in Slovakia were won by Slovak PM Robert Fico’s left-wing Social Democrats
articles and discussion of the election outcome can be found in the following news resources -
Radio Slovakia International This includes a collection of articles on the elections
Some commemntators have claimed that the exit polls did not reflect the final result. You can check some polls on the FOCUS research site. English language translations and summaries are on the Angus Reid site
Other useful sources of information on the state of democracy are
IVO - the institute for Public Affairs. This has some free access to papers and reports about politics and foreign policy in Slovakia

Transparency International Slovakia has recent surveys and news stories on political, social and economic corruption. Although much of the site is not offered in English.
More historic materials on democratization programmes can be found on the NDI website
finally you might like to take a look at the OSCE election observation mission to the 2010 elections. At present this has a preliminary needs assessment but fuller reports are likely to be aded in the near future.

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