Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Have Czech electors moved to the right?

According to the BBC voters have moved to the right in the Czech elections of the
28th May. But is this right get some more information from these useful websites.
Basic background information on the elections and past election results can be obtained from the IFES website which has an excellent election guide.
the osce has also sent an observation mission which has a preliminary needs assessment and reports on earlier elections from 1998 and 2002.
The Czech Statistical Office has an English language website with official results, turnout and parties. Volby.Cz also has statistics from past elections from 1996 onwards.
Newspaper coverage of events can be found on the following sites.
The Prague Post has an election Watch section
Prague Daily Monitor
Czech happenings (English title) has a section of press reviews from the campaigns. These are a useful starting point for finding out Czech opinions.
Transitions online last week discussed concerns that the facebook generation were boycotting the polls.Note that many items on the site are offered to subscribers only.
For those who can read Czech SANEP has opinion polls and market research relating to the elections. English language summaries of some of the polls can be read on the Angus Reid monitor website

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