Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Netherlands snap election June 9th

A snap election will be taking place tomorrow in the Netherlands. The government collapsed on 20 February 2010 when the Labour Party ministers resigned over differences on whether to extend the country's military mission in Afghanistan.
Here are some useful starting points for following events.
A basic guide to the electoral system as well as results of previous elections can be found on the IFES website
The Dutch Electoral Council has official information in English about the elections. This includes an explanation of preocedures and regulations. The Dutch version of the website sems to have more detailed statistics on past elections.
In terms of news coverage - a good starting point is the Radio Netherlands website. Take a look at the weekly press reviews for summaries of recent Dutch articles.There are alos videos of Dutch politics
Another useful site with election news is NRC. Take a look at the primer on Dutch elections and parties.
the Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek (IPP) also has a excellent dossier on the elections. some of it is in Duttch. But there are good listings of links to parties manifestoes, political leaflets and posters from the campaigns

Predict who is going to win by looking at opnion polls on these websites.
Politieke Barometer
and TNS
Finally the OSCE will be reviewing the elections. Look for current and past reports of missions on their website

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