Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Historic Netherlands election resources

On a related theme the Netherlands has also digitised some excelelnt historic materials relating to its political and electoral history.

Databank verkiezingsuitslagen - Dutch election results
created by the Dutch Election Council to provide free access to information and statistical data from Dutch election. These include the results from Senate, House, local, European elections and Dutch referendums. Many materials are offered from 1848 onwards.It is possible to get tables of results for years, regions and parties. Some are offered in Dutch only.

This site has been created by the Documentatiecentrum Nederlandse Politieke Partijen (Documentation Centre for Dutch Political Parties) which is based at the University of Groningen. It provides free access to an online collection of political posters from Dutch political parties. These cover the period 1918 onwards, with new materials being added regularly. They include examples from the mainstream and smaller parties and posters used in election campigns in the Netherlands. Posters can be sorted by party or year. Some annotations on content are provided in Dutch.

The main website of the Documentation Centre for Dutch Political Parties also has a section for publications where you can find full text copies of the yearbook of the DPP and information on political party archives.

Archipol is a joint project of the Documentation Centre for Dutch Political Parties (Documentatiecentrum Nederlandse politieke partijen; DNPP) and the Groningen University Library. It aims to electronically archive the websites of the main political parties in Holland. Its website provides information on the aims and progress of the project. It includes access to technical papers and presentations on its work from 2000 to the present day. It also includes online access to the archived websites. These include coverage of the websites of political parties during the 2006 Netherlands elections

Dutch Parliamentary Election Studies is developed and maintained by the board of SKON (the Dutch Foundation for Electoral Research). The site is offered in Dutch or English. The English language version contains information on the Dutch electoral system and all parliamentary results in the Netherlands from 1848 to the present day. It also offers some information on the election studies of the Dutch electorate. Users should note that at present most datasets are not available for downloading. There are links to data archives where statistical information can be found.

Finally for general interets the great Memory of the Netherlands website offers free access to a vast collection of online resources (images, photographs, documents) relating to Dutch economic, political and social history.

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