Thursday, 19 August 2010

Australia elections 2010 starting points

Here are some good starting points for basic information on the elections.
Australian Electoral Commission
The Australian Electoral Commission is responsible for conducting Australian federal elections, maintaining the electoral register and providing electoral information to the public. Its website provides detailed information on the functions and structure of the Commission. It includes the relevant elements of the Commonwealth Electoral Act of 1918 which established its role. Also accessible are the full results of all federal elections and bye-elections from 1993 onwards from both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Links are also provided to the websites of Australian state and local electoral administration bodies

Electoral Council of Australia

a consultative body composed of election officials and commissioners from the Australian states and territories. It is concerned with all aspects of electoral administration. Its website provides access to information on the purpose of the body and its recent activities. It includes background information on the operation of the electoral system and the Australian system of proportional representation and recent reports from the council on such issues as elections, ballot papers, electoral registers, electoral reform and electronic voting.

Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters - Parliament of Australia

This is the official website of the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, a committee of the Australian Parliament which scrutinises electoral procedures in Australia. Its website provides information on the history, purpose, membership and current work of the committee. It also includes access to its recent press releases and full-text reports. The latter cover such topics as the administration of elections, election registration and electoral funding in Australia

Australian Parliamentary library has guides, facts and repots on elections and the electoral system.

Australian policy online - has agood basic primer on Australian election

ABC news also has a good basic guide These include list of candidates, facts, a blog from political editor A. Green and more

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