Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Australia historic election resources

As Australia prepares to go to the polls here are some excelelnt recommended resources for finding out more about past elections.

Australian government and politics database

This website is maintained by researchers at the University of Western Australia. It provides free access to a wealth of facts and figures about Australian politics from 1890 to the present day. It includes results of all state assembly (lower house) general elections since 1890. Results for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT 1989-) and the Northern Territory (NT 1974-); summary information on political parties which have won more than 2 percent of the vote or won a seat at any of the general elections; lists of government members; dates and summary information about Australian prime ministers. Also avaiable is a searchable glossary of Australian political terms. 2010 results are to be added soon!

Democratic Audit resources.
Since 2002 a team at the Australian National University has been conducting Audits to assess Australia’s strengths and weaknesses as a democratic society. Acess their full text reports online.

Electoral campaigns: Pandora Archive
PANDORA is a major project of the National Library of Australia which aims to archive key Australian Internet resources and websites for posterity. This section preserves materials relating to state and federal elections in Australia from 1996 onwards. There are large separate collections for the 2004 and 2007 elections. These include snapshots of sites taken during different stages of the campaigns. They include websites maintained by political parties, candidates, news services; media and lobby groups.


The Trove website is maintained by the National Library of Australia. It aims to provide a single search point to trace reliable information about Australia and Australians. These include digitised materials from the Australian archives, academic institutions and museums as well as resources about Australia produced by overseas institutions. All types of materials are indexed including multimedia, images, archives, newspapers, books, journal articles and theses. All subject areas of the sciences, social sciences and humanities are covered; with a particular emphasis upon Australian political, social and economic history. A search for elections brings up historic photos, newspaper articles and references to books.

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