Thursday, 19 August 2010

Australian elections - good sites for keeping up to date with the news

This website has an excellent collection of links to the main national and regional newspapers from Australia
Most have special election coverage with interviews, polls and more.
The Australian has news polls, tweets and videos
canberra Times has multimedia discussion of issues in the region
Sydney Morning Herald has a Pulse blug as well as the usual news and reports
ABC public broadcaster has a special website with electoral calculators, interviews and news coverage.
Crickey is an alternative news service which has discussion, polls and satire
Angus reid global Monitor has summaries of most of the main newspaper and market research polls.
other useful blogs and news services include;
Inside story and other papers listed on Australian Policy online.
Womens Electoral Lobby discussion of womens issues and the election
Google Australia has information on google search trends, it also has links to the main YouTube channels of the parties where you can view promotional materials
For more information on the use ofm social media in the elections - take a look at the Mapping online publics website This is the blog for a research project called New Media and Public Communication: Mapping Australian User-Created Content in Online Social Networks, based at Queensland University of Technology.This has analysis of twitter postings and usage during the campaigns.

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