Thursday, 5 August 2010

Favourite african elections resources

This week a selection of our recommended sites for finding out more about parliamentary and presidential elections in Africa.

Africa Governance, Monitoring and Advocacy Project (AfriMAP)

is a special project of the Open Society Institute which is working in conjunction with NGOs to promote democracy and the rule of law in African nations. Its website provides access to information about the aims of the project and its activities. It includes access to the full-text of a library of online press releases, articles, papers and reports published by its partners since 2000. Key areas of concern are political participation, election monitoring reports, government accountability and delivery of public services in Africa, civil justice systems. Although many African nations are covered principle areas of research are: South Africa, Senegal, Mozambique and Ghana.

Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa

was established in 1996 to promote fair and free elections in South Africa and has not evolved into the Electoral Institute for the Sustainability of Democracy in Africa, with a broader remit. The website provides information on the current voting registration and electoral systems. It also covers democracy and governance. Also accessible on the site are recent election results, data on womens parliamentary representation in addition to country profiles and comparative tables.

African Elections Project
co-ordinated by the International Institute for ICT Journalism in association with other partners and funding from Open Society Initiative for West Africa. It is particularly concerned with developing the use of ICT for elections in West Africa. The main case studies cover presidential and parliamentary elections in Ghana, Cote d 'lvoire, and Guinea from 2008/9. The website provides information on the aims, methods and activities of the project. Each country section contains the full election results, plus access to examples of selected blogs, online videos and websites developed to cover the election campaigns.

Africa South of the Sahara: politics & government

An annotated guide to Internet sites relating to politics and government in Africa. This is part a larger Web guide to Africa-related sites called "Africa South of the Sahara", produced by Stanford University (USA). It is designed for students, faculty, librarians, and others. it includes links to sites covering African elections, political parties and political events.

Web Dossiers ASC Leiden
The Library, Documentation and Information Department of the African Studies Centre, University of Leiden prepares regular dossiers of useful resources to guide students and researchers studying African poliitcs, sporting events and economics. They typically include a bibliography of relevant journal articles, reports and papers . Note that while in some cases, the full text is accessible, in the majority, abstracts only can be read online. There is also a directory of links to the websites of key news sources and other research organisations where information on elections can be found.

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