Friday, 13 August 2010

Rwanda elections - 'meaningful participation by all?'

This week presidential elections took place in Rwanda.
Foreign policy journal discussed the outcome on its website
The official government website has results and information on the procedures. It refers to meaningful participation in the elections by all Rwandans. The Rwanda Press centre (managed by the Media High Council) also has some positive comment. However a number of other organisations gave critical comments on the system in the run up to the elections. here are some good places for locating comment.
Committee to protect Journalists - argued that there was no critical press
Rwanda Info noted reports by the FDU committee on irregularities.
Amnesty International reported on pre-election attacks as did Human Rights Watch
There is also a useful blog Democracy watch Rwanda 2010 created by aid worker Susan Thompson which gives a personal view on events on the ground.
The Commonwealth also sent an observer mission Its preliminary statements notes positive and negative aspects.
Finally try searching the Institute of Security Studies website for articles and analysis of the state of democracy and security in Rwanda and the excellent Human Security Gateway has links to the latest news and research reports from centres of research worldwide.

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