Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Landslide victory in Ethiopia polls

A fourth term landslide victory was announced in the Ethiopian elections for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and the ruling EPRDF party. Listen to the BBC world service coverage of the events.
The site also includes a montage of opinions from Ethiopians and some assessments of alleged poll irregularities.
The National Election Board of Ethiopia has some provisional results, lists of candidates and background information on the elections.

Further news coverage is on the IRIN news and All
Human Rights Watch has condemned government repression during the elections
The EU is observing the elections and has placed a preliminary statement on the website.
Background facts, figures and results from past elections can be viewed on the African Elections Database
The IFES website which has some reports from 2005 and coverage of democratization programmes
Further background on security can also be obtained from the International Crisis Group website.
Finally a really good website which is summarising all the news and reports is Ethiopia Election Watch It is maintained by human rights group Aigawatch

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