Monday, 17 May 2010

Philippine elections online- harassed voting machines and more!

Following on from the Earlier postingon evoting in the 2010 Philippine elections. Here is some more on the use of the web.
The elections have been characterised by increased use of social media. Some interesting examples include the cult following for the twitter feed from a harassed vote counting machine!
Bloggers were also accredited by the election body to provide official coverage of events.
They include BlogWatch
Vote Report Philippines 2010, a project of the Computer Professionals Union which has examples of google maps being uused to monitor individual polling stations.
Kontra Daya 2010, a multisectoral and interfaith elections monitoring watchdog
and, a collaborative 100-day online countdown to the elections which also has some interesting materials on the elections online and an election day blog.

citizen net juan watch also united to monitor the elections. Their site has examples of recent postings.
USHAIDI technology has also been used to map incidents of failures of voting machine technology

Purple Thumb Live created a site for live blogging of the elections. Take a look for entries throughout the day.

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