Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Made up your mind who to vote for?

If you havent decided which party you want to vote for yet why not try the vote match tool developed by Unlock Democracy, the Joseph Rowntree Trust and the Telegraph Answer some questions and see which party your opinions most closely match.

CEP LSE 2010 election analysis - 110 page book discussing some research on the key issues. These include health, immigration, the economy.

About My Vote from the Electoral Commission has information on the voting process
Channel 4 also has a more light hearted election quiz to help you decide.
and the Vote-u-Lator claims to use your social network (via Facebook) to take the 'err' out of voter. Find out more from this post
Finally for some relief try the Downing Street Fighter game from T-Enterprise - who will win through to no.10?

finally the BBC has just released an online collection of comedy election clips They include Yes Prime Minister.

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