Saturday, 8 May 2010

Lib-Dems - what will they do?

The final results have indeed revealed a hung parliament. The Guardian has a spreadsheet where you can download date for each constiuency
But the question now seems to be what will the libDems do? Most of the Uk newspapers have columns discussing this at length
See David Camerons offer to them via the BBC website
and Gordon Brown's statement
The Official LibDem website has Nick Cleggs statement and will be posting further press releases
LibDem blogs has some comment on the situation from his supporters
as does the LibDem Voice website where members are being urged to have their say. They also have a twitter account
The Next Left blog from the Fabian society today said most of the public supported a coalition.
The BBC also has a good text feed of comment including postings from bloggers and journalists
Finally you might want to compare the content of the manifdestos yourself. The Guardian has a good visual display of the words which may offer insight as well as links to the full text.

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