Saturday, 1 May 2010

What does history tell us about the elections?

An interesting site from History and policy. Historians are using their insight to explain current trends. Find out what they think about Gordon brown's microphone gaffe
if you are interested in the history of British elections here are some useful sites.
The LSE election blog has also been comparing today with the last time a hung parliament occurred in 1974

See Uk election statistics from 1945-2004 in this House of Commons research paper and find more useful facts and figures on by-election turnout and results since then from their main elections website
British election studies provide insight and data on attitudes and behaviour from the 1960s onwards. It is possible to download more recent data free of charge from the website. In general most data prior to 2005 requires a subscription to ESDS Uk data archive
Find copies of party manifestos from 1945 onwards via Richard kimber's political resources website
If you are interested in political communications you might also want to look at the Uk web archive materials relating to the 2005 elections. They include archived snapshots of blogs, campaign and party websites taken during the campaigns.

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