Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Who is the new prime minster?

Yesterday it was announced that David Cameron had become the new Prime Minister
Here are some sites where you can find out more.
His official website tells you that his hobbies include growing vegetables. You can also download details of expenses and look at recent speeches.
the 10 Downing Street Flickr
and YouTube channels now contain information on Cameron. You can watch his acceptance speech and recent conversation with Barack Obama

However more detailed information on Cameron can be found on these websites.
The BBC has photographs and comment on Camerons life
the Guardian Aristotle database has facts and figures, the paper also has videos and recent news stories.
TheyWork for you has an excellent listing of recent parliamentary activity, questions, expenses and work in his constituency.
Finally the Political Studies Association Uk (PSA) conference proceedings database has some full text papers on David Cameron's leadership of the Conservative Party. See this example from 2007 which considered whether Cameron had feminized the party

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