Thursday, 13 May 2010

Philippines elections evoting and more!

Of course the Uk is not the only nation which has recently gone to the polls. Millions have been voting to queue in the Philippines where national and presidential elections have been held. They include widespread use of voting machines. A twitter feed has even been launched which claims to be a harassed machine and attracted 100s of eager followers!
Here are some useful starting points for finding out more.

The Official election Commission site has the latest results . It also includes an explanation of the e-voting procedurewith sample ballot papers. Other features of the site include explanations of electoral law and procedures.
Sites containing election news - including the following national newspapers and news services Manila Bulletin
The Inquirer which has a large specialist politics website with polls, interviews and comment.
ABS News
GMA news where the website features video interviews, interactive maps of election campaigns and more.
Yahoo also has a good aggregation of election news
The Asia Foundation has some comment on its In Asia newsletter
Opinion poll results can be viewed via the major companies Social Weather Stations and PulseAsia
A number of independent watchdogs are also monitoring the conduct of the election. Their websites include press releases, comment and report on conduct.
National Citizens Movement for Free elections It includes some papers on electronic voting.
AFREL - Asian Network for Free Elections has sent an observation mission. Some preliminary statements have been posted on the website.
International Foundation for Electoral Systems has a programme in the Philippines to strength democracy. Its website includes background information on democratization and voter education.
NDI National Democratic Institute also has a Philippines delegation. Read their comments on e-voting and find out more background on democracy strengthening programmes
Finally Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) has some useful materials. Thes einclude reports, press releases and some voter education materials. The latter include online videos of mock voting demonstrations and presidential forum discussions.


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  2. Upcoming election in the Philippines is now fast approaching,we should vote wisely for the new leaders of our government.Thank you for sharing this.

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