Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Burma were the 2010 elections fair?

Following on from the previous posting- here are some recomended resources for news coverage and analysis of the 2010 elections.

Irrawaddy - well regarded news service with up to date stories and coverage.Also provided are electoral laws, interviews and quotes.

PBS reported on Media censorship during the elections. Its article contains useful links to related reports on Media freedom in the region.

Burma Election 2010 website pulls together reports from ethnic media and reporters inside Burma. Highlights include reports from individual electoral districts, and election bulletins

Mizzima is amnnother well regarded news network which features work from journalists in exile. The site includes online interviews.

Alternative Asean Network on Burma is a human rights organisation. Its website has special election coverage. This includes electoral laws, statements and reports on the state of democracy.

Radio Free Asia is an American backed organisation. Its blog has recent postings on censorship and the state of democracy in Burma.

AsiaPortal is maintained by over 20 universities and research bodies who are members of the Nordic NIAS Council and NIAS/NIAS LINC. It aims to provide researchers and students with free access to topical news, articles and research reports about Asian nations. It also offers links to the latest Asian studies research from Nordic Universities (based in Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden). Its site includes some blogs about Burma

Finally the Democratic voice of Burma, a non profit media freedom body, also has excellent coverage of the hujman rights situation during the elections. Its election map has results and mappings of alleged violence and other incidents.

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