Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Mid-term elections: understanding the votes

AS the votes come in the BBC is giving live updates from its website
also offering live updates are a number of other news services including the Guardian.
Live video streams are being offered from major news services via this website
But how does this compare with past election trends? You can look at past results on the Clerk of the House website.Trace trends back to 1920!
For more in depth studies on voting trends see the National Election Commission website this has links to a number of key election surveys. These include Election administration surveys which give a sense of numbers of registered and unregister voters and the efficiency of the voting mechanism.
For further detailed official information on the voting system- try checking the Federal Election Commission websiteThis has a section of questions on the operation of the Electoral College
It also includes links to all the individual state electoral offices which are the official sources of information.

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