Thursday, 18 November 2010

Moldova forthcoming elections- why are they taking place?

Early elections have been set for Moldova next week. According to the BBC faces it is the third election in two years 'after members of parliament in one of Europe's poorest states failed twice to pick a president'.
The Central Election Commission has official information on the dates and process (in Russian or Moldovian)This includes a separate voter information site
However One of the best sites for tracing the latest news stories, discuss and lists of candidates is maintained by ADEPT which has lots of English language coverage.
Also with regional intelligence , although accss to most stories requires a subscription is Transitions onlineIt links to a number of local organisations covering the election. These include:
Civic Coalition for Free and Fair ElectionsCivic Initiative for a Clean Parliament
Sources of English language monitoring include the OSCE which has sent an observation mission. The website also has reports from previous elections which can help you assess the development of democracy.
Finally links to the local news services and political party sites can be found on Erik Herron's detailed guide to politics in East Central Europe and Eurasia

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