Friday, 26 November 2010

Haiti elections to go ahead.

Despite the cholera crisis news agencies are reporting that the elections in Haiti will go ahead on Sunday 28th November.
Here are some starting points for tracing information on conditions in the region.
Amnesty International has several years of human rights reports on its website.
Another good source for this type of materials is Human Rights Watch
and the International crisis Group
More specific commentary on the background to the elections can be found on the
UN peacekeeping mission website.
NDI has information on civic education programmes. Scroll down the left hand side of the page to find links to documents and reports.
The Carter Centre has had involvement in health and democracy programmes in the past. Reports from coverage of earlier elections are on the website.
The OAS has sent observers to cover the 2010 events. Reports will be posted on the website. At the moment it currently contains press releases on aid programmes.

Finally an excelelnt news site covering the elections is which is supported by USAID and the German Embassy. It has stories, polls and interviews (in French)

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