Monday, 1 November 2010

Is Obama struggling in the mid-term elections?

According to the Guardian Barack Obama is down but not out. but what do the other newspapers and polls say?
If you need basic facts on what the Mid-Term elections are and their significance. A good starting point is the BBC guide to the basics.

Other major news stories which have special features on the elections include:
the Guardian which has alive mid-terms blog and an interactive map of the key races.
The BBC website also makes use of a number of interactive features including maps, interviews with voters and more. Take a look at this graph which maps presidential popularity ratings and seats in mid term elections.

Of Course many American news services have extensive coverage. Good examples include:
the Washington Post which has maps of the political landscape, news stories and blogs.
The New York Times has excellent news coverage. An added feature is the tracking of Twitter
The CNN election center has a more popular approach with basic facts on the races for the American electorate. However, its polling center gives easy access to the most recent polls
C-SPAN Videos - gives great access to online videos of congressional debates.
NPR public radio likewise gives free access to debates and discussion about the elections but this time from radio. It has also launched a new political blog Its all Politics.

In addition to these news resources there are also a number of specialist poll sites which are worth monitoring as they contain detailed voting intention updates. Find out what the following have predicted!
Rasmussen reports.
Gallup Polls
Finally Angus Reid has done itsa usual good job of summarising and rounding up a selection of the most recent polls.

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