Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Did he blow it? (Obama in the Mid-term elections)

According to Sarah Palin, Barack Obama has lost ground in the US mid-term elections. You can view this prediction (and many others via the RealClear Politics website) but what are other political commentators saying?
Here are a few recommended blogs for following the debate.
One of the most well read American blogs is the Huffington Post which of course has extensive coverage. This includes videos and links to news stories and polls. Some of which are serious others not so!
Real Clear Politics also aggregates key blogs. Scroll down the page for transcripts of key political speeches and round ups of blog postings.
The Caucus Blog maintained by the New York Times
Daily Dish
Blog maintained by Andrew Sullivan. Very well regarded for its wide and entertaining discussion. Generally regarded as supporting Obama, the blog also has coverage of camoaign finance and daily round ups of news stories.
Talking Points Memo Commentary on political events from a politically left perspective, by Joshua Micah Marshall. Also includes political gossip and scandal.
The Corner is a blog from National Review staff. Their website also has a special battle 2010 section which has postings from the campaign trails.
National Journal staff are also discussing the elections on their blog.
In the UK Manchester University hosts the Obama expert media group. Their website isnt blogging the elctions. However it does include information on ongoing research about his presidency.

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